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Internship Policy

Summer Internship Policy (SIP), GBS gives students the opportunity to apply their knowledge to significant problems in the public, private, or non-profit sectors and develop and enhance skills in areas of professional interest. The internship - completed over the summer following the first year of coursework - helps students clarify their career direction, give perspective on the selection of second-year electives, and enables students to establish networks of great value in securing post-graduation employment. SIP Objective The Summer Internship Program is meant to bridge the gap between the real-life business and academic institutions. It is a simulation of the business environment and enables students to experience the rigors of a business organization.

  • provide students with opportunities to apply the concepts learnt in the class-room to real-life situations
  • To sensitize students to the dynamics of a work place by assigning time-bound projects in a company
  • To provide students a platform to network which will be useful to further their career prospects

All students are required to undergo the Summer Internship Program for twelve weeks after the successful completion of the second semester. The Summer Internship Program carries a weightage of six credits. Our career counselors work closely with each student to help identify and secure an internship that will advance the student’s individual career needs and goals.

This is a paid summer internship program. The school will not be responsible for any kind of travelling expenses and accommodation expenses incurred if any during SIP. The intern has no right to demand reimbursement for his / her expenses during the SIP.

The objective of the assessment of SIP is to provide the intern with feedback concerning both general and specific professional skills and competencies. The feedback will be taken from the external guide (from the organization) and the internal guide (from the business school).The student is expected to make 3 copies of the final report and submit one copy to the organization, business school and one copy for himself / herself. The internal guide reserves the right to visit the organization and assess the performance of the intern by taking a formal feedback from the reporting manager. Schedule - Internal guide visit to the Organization 15th day from the start of the internship, 45th day from the start of the internship towards the end of the internship program