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About Gurunanak Business School

In 2009, Guru Nanak Educational Society, under the approval of All India Council of Education and Training (AICTE), Ministry of HRD, Govt. of India introduced Guru Nanak Business School offering PGDM and EPGDM programs. Popular as GBS, Guru Nanak Business School was intending bridge the gap existing in Business School Education in Telengana during and before its existence.
Although Business School Education is more than 10 years old in Hyderabad, the focus on an employable and a skill based PGDM program was still missing. GBS put a foundation to some of the most revolutionary features of B-School Education in Hyderabad.
After the introduction of Guru Nanak Institutions Technical Campus (GNITC), Guru Nanak Business School became a part of the Management wing of GNITC under School of Management Studies.
GBS is currently operating under the aegis of GNITC with the approval of AICTE, offering PGDM and EPGDM program to aspiring graduates and working professionals.
School of Business Studies (GBS) also invited to join hands with Andhra Pradesh Skills Development Corporation to train unemployed technical and non-technical graduates of Andhra Pradesh with Supply Chain Skills to make them employable in different sectors.
Prospective aspirants of PGDM and EPGDM programs can visit the AICTE site and can check under approved group of PGDM institutions against Guru Nanak Institutions Technical Campus (GNITC) for the approval status.

Milestones Under GBS

• Guru Nanak Business School was launched in 2009 under Guru Nanak Educational Society and with an approval from AICTE, Ministry of HRD and Govt. of India.
​​​​​​​•GBS became the first institutions to offer full grown Sectorial specialization as a part of triple specializations.
•GBS was the first institute to introduce a Front loaded PGDM curriculum, which helps the students to perform better in the internships. Front Loading is the newest trend in management education. Prompted by feedback from both students and recruiters, we have moved many key courses such as Strategic Management, Business Continuity, and Organizational Performance Management to the second semester of the program. In theory, the change have allowed the students to perform better on internship interviews, and the right internship may ultimately lead to better job offers.
•GBS introduced Analytics Courses in the areas of HR, Supply Chain and Finance as a part of the curriculum since 2010.
​​​​​​​•GBS introduced Choice Based Credit System for the students in selecting specializations.
•In 2012, Guru Nanak Business School became a part of GNITC under the School of Business Studies. There on GBS was renamed as School of Business Studies under the aegis of GNITC.
•Starting from 2016, as per the instruction of AICTE, GBS introduced Course of Independent Studies (CIS) replacing the traditional form of dissertation requirement to complete a PGDM program.