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Core Faculty

Prof. Krishna Chandra Mishra
Teaching Interest
Entrepreneurship, Strategic Leadership, Cyber Warfare & Cyber Terrorism, Stakeholders Management, Strategic Management, Business Modelling, Designing, Managing and Improving Operations, Building and Sustaining a Successful Enterprise, Business Process Excellence, Neuromarketing, Digital & Non Store Retailing, Luxury Brand Management, Change Management.
Prof. Kishore Gubburi
Teaching Interest
Vedic Management, Business Economics, Business Research, Corporate Finance, Fixed-Income Securities, Derivatives and Financial Risk Management, Investment Science, Equity Derivatives & Strategy, Credit Risk Analysis, Financial Modeling, Currency Derivatives & Risk Management, Equity Research, Advertising & Production, Public Relations, Creativity & Script writing, Media Production , Electronic Media, Media Planning & Sales, Media Research.
Prof. Sriram Goud G
Teaching Interest
Corporate Finance, Financial Statement Analysis, Financial Reporting Analysis, Risk Management, Investment Banking, Retail Finance, Predictive Techniques, Financial Engineering, Financial modeling and Derivatives.
Prof. Ashish P Joseph
Teaching Interest
Sales Management,Marketing Management , Import management, Social Media Marketing, Supply Chain Management,International Marketing Research, IT Security, Integrated Marketing Communication, Operation Management.
Prof. P. Om Prakash
Teaching Interest
Human Capital Management, Organizational Behaviour, HR Analytics, Project Management
Prof. Ganesh Shukla
Teaching Interest
Affiliate Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Digital Marketing Techniques, Search, Integrated Marketing Communication.
Prof. Sridhar Karra
Teaching Interest
ospitality Marketing & Sales, Hospitality Revenue Management, Hotel Operations & Management, Hospitality Business Strategy, Hospitality Design, Tourism Operations & Management, Property Management in Hotel Operations, Leisure Tourism and Destination Recreation.
Prof. Jithendra Reddy
Teaching Interest
Sales Force Management, Key Account Management, Channel Distribution, Franchising.
Prof. Sumi
Teaching Interest
Coaching Skills & Techniques, HR Audit, Workforce Analytics, Human Resource Metrics , Human Resource Strategy, Human Resources & Firm Performance, Project HR, Managing Complex Change, Organizational Assessment and Analysis , Talent Acquisition & Deployment.