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Placement Cell

The placement cell at School of Business Studies comprises of

  • Placement Coordinator
  • Placement Officer
  • Student Members

The placement Officer contacts the companies for the SIP and final placements. He is responsible for making companies aware about the placement’s policy.

Placement Coordinator coordinates with the companies and works on pre placement talk’s schedule, final interview schedules. Student Member’s are made to actively participate in the placements proceedings and they act as the interface between placement officer and the students. Policy GBS provides opportunities of interaction between students and representatives of the industry to facilitate placement in suitable jobs. Campus interviews are arranged by the institute. GBS also acts as a platform to have dialogue between representatives of financial agencies/entrepreneurs and students. Many multinationals and other organizations of repute, visit our campus in search of talented future managers regularly.

The Objective of the placement cell is to provide one job for each student

Campus recruitment is meant only for the Students of Final year

  • Companies confirming for recruitment at the campus will be categorized into Category A, Category B and Category C. This categorization and the slot assignment for recruitment is done by the Placement Cell on the basis of various details provided by the company through the ‘Job Response Form’ (such as Package details, job profile, number of branches, number of students, past association with GBS).
  • A student can procure only one job in each category and is barred to apply further in the category implied
  • A student procuring job in a Category C company is entitled only for applying in Category B and Category A, student procuring Job in Category B company can only apply for Category A company and Student Procuring Job in Category A company cannot apply for any other Category.
  • If a student gets offer from more than one company (different categories), then he/she must inform the companies about the job offer he/she wishes to accept, through the Placement Cell.

Placements Proceedings

The companies are advised to give Pre-Placement Talk (PPT) before starting the selection process at the campus. This provides an opportunity to the students to understand the organization better and gives the companies the idea of the student’s expectation & desires.

The final job offers/appointment letters are routed through the Director.

The companies are requested to mail the enclosed Response Form to the Institute/contact Director for their requirement for placement. They should send details such as preferred date for holding the selection proceedings, the modalities of the selection proceedings, shortlist of candidates, job profiles etc. The placement teams would then co-ordinate with the companies and finalize placement schedules at mutually convenient dates.

The CV’s of the students interested in respective organization are collected by the Corporate Philanthropy cell. These are then forwarded to the companies.

Companies are requested to communicate the above details preferably within a week prior to the date on which they intend to hold the proceedings.